Developing Mobile Apps For Educational Purposes

You’ll be able to simultaneously release the applications for iOS and Android, which will save you money. In addition to your ideas, we’ll go through a few stages to help you map out the ideal plan for creating an educational app. Let’s look at all the available options before deciding what kind of learning app you want to build. Data science techniques can be employed to detect fraudulent activities, ensuring the security of mobile app transactions.

Developing Mobile Apps for Educational Purposes

For thorough learning experiences, reliable, organized, and varied learning resources are required, such as written exercises, videos, audio courses, and live-streamed lectures. Allow students to manage their schedules, browse the app, and monitor their progress. This feature makes it easier for teachers to manage their schedules, upload materials, and gain insights into student metrics. Provide insights into users’ achievements and growth as they engage with content.

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This can free up time for teachers so they can concentrate on other important areas of teaching. Once the app is created, test it with a set of users and solicit their input. Use this feedback to enhance the functionality, usability, and design of the app. Yes, even if you don’t plan to make the app’s content available to users through a web browser. You will need a web solution for managing content in the iPhone app.

Developing Mobile Apps for Educational Purposes

In addition, competition indicates the relevance of your future mobile service. If you want to learn more about us, call us, and we’ll get in touch with you to make your dream a reality. Push alerts can rekindle engagement and are especially helpful for inspiring pupils. They help instructors keep their reputation and may result in positive app store evaluations. Our advice is to start with a rapid prototype ($15K — $20K) and then, based on user feedback and investor buy-in, proceed to an MVP. Or, as we call it, an MLP — minimal likable product (instead of valuable).

How much does it cost to maintain an app

Various topics, levels, and formats let them customize an experience that meets their goals. Flexibility is key for visual learners exploring interactive modules and auditory learners exploring podcasts. Once you have decided on the features and functionality of your app, it’s time to choose the best no-code app builder. Choose the types of educational app you need, how your audience will react to this, and analyze your competitors.

Developing Mobile Apps for Educational Purposes

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to exceeding your expectations in every aspect of app customization. Startups trust us with their unique ideas and we make sure they’re executed perfectly. We’ve created iZumator — a platform for online education, and we’re ready to bring your educational app project to life. Besides the variety of subjects, educational apps for students are easy to use and accessible. The classes are right on your device, you can learn anywhere, anytime.

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Bespoke user interfaces and designs can cost more than pre-made ones. It can cost more to create an app for a single platform as opposed to both iOS and Android. Choose a business with open lines of communication and collaboration. They must keep you up to date on the project’s development, give frequent updates, and respond to your inquiries and worries. The idea is to test this prototype with intended users and improve it based on observations. As a result, you will come to the next step fully prepared, with a polished UI/UX prototype that needs to be translated into coding.

If you have any idea to start your business in the education field then that’s one of the best decisions you have been taking in your life. Educational apps not only for conducting classes through video tutorials it’s all about making a person learn, submitting assignments, analysis, and announcing results. Mobile educational mobile application development learning, among other modern formats, helps achieve just that. Student loans, SATs, pricey tutors, and heavy books are things of the past. Today, all the paperwork is replaced by affordable and handy educational mobile apps. You too may aim to reform teaching/studying with the app idea you have in mind.

Advantages Of A School App

Think about the topics you’ll cover and the format you’ll use to reach different types of students. Your end users’ demands may be met if you have an understanding of the concept and each stage in the development process. Have you made up your mind on whether you’ll build your app for iOS or Android? Another option is to create an app that can operate on different platforms, known as cross-platform development.

  • The live streaming feature can be used to explain concepts that students find confusing.
  • Hence even during the hard times of COVID-19 though providing education was challenging but types of education apps have turned that challenge into opportunities.
  • You may need to hire a team of developers or outsource the development process.
  • You might want to consider these findings before you start to create an education app.
  • Each stage is filled with different activities that, in essence, remain the same across projects, but of course, there are some peculiarities when we talk about creating educational apps.
  • However, the development of intuitive and visually engaging UI/UX design requires a lot of time and resources, contributing to higher costs.

Then polish the details and create a UI-kit for fast and convenient mobile development. Udemy offers free and paid online courses in design, development, marketing, and more with online courses. A dedicated educational app can also help teachers organize information, conduct, and structure the lesson, as well as track students’ progress. Hence, they would like the faculties, parents, and students to be on the same page, which can only happen if there are daily or weekly reports on the students’ progress. Moreover, to make these apps great, one would want the communication to be transparent, fast-paced, and effective.

Medium complexity app: $50,000 to $100,000

Facilitate online courses to enhance online teaching with modern education standards. For reference, the development of an MVP usually takes us up to 3 months. And we can bring to life a project as complex as a streaming service in 10 months. Educational app development is somewhere in between, depending on the complexity of the project. This app, which is already popular for learning foreign languages, allows a learner to take as many steps and course materials as needed, depending upon individual learning capacity.

Developing Mobile Apps for Educational Purposes

These apps must be fulfilling needs that were previously left unattended. Some of the most popular apps of this kind are Coursera, Lynda, Khan Academy, Udacity, Udemy, etc. To create an app that is not only functional but also user-friendly, visually appealing, and engaging. To outline clearly what your app aims to achieve and the features it needs to fulfill those objectives. To understand the current market trends, user preferences, demand, competition, and potential gaps that your app can fill.

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This niche is so popular that it rounds off to an 8.5% share on the Apple App Store. Traditional education no longer holds many promises for learners who are already versed in modern tools and techniques. Even in today’s classrooms, learners prefer to use their mobile apps every now and then for a variety of purposes. For example, from looking for new stock of words, a quick topic search, or just to learn the anecdotes corresponding to a subject, it has been the practice to browse apps to get instant help.

Contact us if you’re ready to create a unique educational solution for the world. The learning solution has a language level test, tasks of varying difficulty, chat, online conferencing tools, and more. Personalized user interface design, interactive content, and gamification elements help improve user engagement. Doesn’t matter if your end-user is a student, teacher, the whole school, or employee who needs to pass training, each of them chooses mobile apps with a simple and clear UX/UI. Here are a few tips from Inoxoft’s educational app developers on how to make the development process as convenient as possible. So, what should you think about if you want to build an educational app?

The complexity of features and functionalities within an educational app directly correlates with development expenses. Obviously, apps with interactive lessons, quizzes, progress tracking, multimedia content, and social interaction demand more time and resources for their creation. Another crucial advantage of mobile learning apps is the access to informal learning.

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